London is the economic and financial capital of Europe. It is at the forefront of global occupiers’ minds and is the leading destination for overseas real estate investors. This is reinforced by a number of key characteristics:

  • A “command centre" for the global economy, being a leader in banking, finance, insurance, professional services, media, technology and creative industries. It therefore has a diverse occupier base and the real estate market is not reliant on one sector
  • Globally recognised and transparent legal and taxation system, alongside relative underlying economic and political security, providing stability and certainty for real estate investment
  • Gateway city not only to the UK and Europe but to many other regions of the world. It has five international airports, including Heathrow which is amongst the world’s busiest. It also has a comprehensive internal transport system with the second largest underground rail network in the world and 13 National or International rail terminals. Collectively, this provides unrivalled connectivity for businesses in the city
  • Central time zone between Asia and the Americas; its office hours overlap with countries that collectively account for 99% of the world’s GDP enabling ease of international business and making it the optimal location globally for trading
  • Multi-cultural population, speaking in excess of 300 languages, with English as the primary language, the international language for business.
  • Ranked number 1 in world university rankings, providing and supporting a specialised labour pool to businesses located in the city
  • A population growing by 100,000 people per annum and projected to reach 10 million by 2030 supporting the demand for real estate

Sources: Mayor of London, London & Partners, CBRE

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